I want your wedding to be what you've dreamed of all your life.


     Hi, I'm Cindi, and I live for weddings every day of my life. Family, time, money, and other constraints, are all realities every couple works against. I've come to know the issues well because planning each wedding presents its own unique challenges.

     My wedding professionals and I have years of connections, resources and experience to bring your visions together within the world we live in. I help couples like you make your dreams a reality by listening to your needs and taking the difficult preparations off of your shoulders, but never out of your hands.

     I tell all my couples, "It's your wedding, but it's my party." That's exactly how I feel, like your guests are my guests . . . and I make sure my guests are happy!

We've created so many weddings and events, you may already know us.


     The Event Center staff is well-known as deeply engaged in volunteer work within our community, catering mixers, promoting activism and advocacy, organizing charity fundraisers, arranging sponsorships, coordinating huge events for complex venues and thousands of people. ​Over the last three decades we have evolved into a team that consistantly creates events beyond expectations.

     We've orchestrated weddings across Southern California, and beyond, from San Diego, to Malibu Beach, even to Maui, Hawaii.

     We can plan, provide and coordinate every element of any event, from the set-up and the decor, to the dining and the dancing, valet, bar, entertainment, table services and clean-up.